Ex-Mapis derives from the Mapis (Macchine Automatiche Per l’Industria Speciale) workshop which previously occupied the laboratories on the ground floor of the old building in the Porta Romana quarter of Milan. The studio was founded in 2001 by Nicola Braghieri and Alessandra Spada. In 2011 we realized the whole name was a bit difficoult to spell, so we shorted it in EX-M.

Ex-M’s activities covers all dimensions of architectural and urban design.

Over the years Ex-Mapis has been involved in a wide range of projects at different scales, and has completed many complex commissions, requiring great care over detail but also flexibility and the ability to handle institutional relationships, a matter in which the studio can claim specific skills. Recently Ex-M has been engaged in the construction of collective and public buildings, with a particular commitment towards social and school building and the creation of precise projects for commerce and residence.

Interests and capacities ranging from territorial planning to building restoration have enabled us to adopt a broad and well-defined approach to the profession.

Concern towards enviromental, social and economic, sustainability of urban development and reduced waste of energy and resources are a constant fundamental of our work.

In practice this means giving precedence to durability of materials, technical simplification, interaction between traditional knowledge and market laws and social compatibility. Research into industrial materials and innovative construction techniques is combined with a passion for traditional buildings and the historical-classical heritage. Our projects and constructions reflect this concern.

Our relationship with universities and research results in an ongoing dialogue with students and colleagues who assist Ex-Mapis in its work from time to time.